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Courses in the summer semester 2021: 

The coming winter semester will be teaching on campus. Please register now for the courses now on cmlife. 

Here you can find the annotated course overview.

And here the course plan for the combi-bachelor Afrika in der Welt

New article by Robin Frisch

This article offers a sensative reading of political oppositional cartoons in Togo in the early 90s, during the period of structural adjustment, which was accompanied by the swift reversal of democartizing trends and the restoration of authritarian rule.  

Here you can find the article!

New Article by Prof. Joël Glasman

The myth of humanitarian action supported by data and scientific evidence has had its day – or so argues the author here, drawing on the history of the most widely known standards in the sector. He does not refute the essential role that science can and must play within it, provided it does within the framework of a permanent dialogue with the stakeholders and not on the basis of the exploitation of science.

Here you can find the article!

New Article by Prof. Joël Glasman

It is about the principle of impartiality in the field of humanitarian aid. Therefore he talks about the history and change of impartiality from a fundermental principle of legitimacy from aid organisations to a rather mathematical and alogrithmic principle.

Here you can find the article!

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