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New Job Vacancy

The chair for African History advertises a job vacancy as reasearch associate with PhD opportunity.

Follow the link for the full vacancy.

New article from Robin Frisch

Alternativlos? Nein. Warum monetäre Souveränität für die Staaten der Franc-CFA-Zone so wichtig ist.

Seit Jahrzehnten steht der Franc CFA in westafrikanischen Staaten als „neokoloniale“ Währung in der Kritik.  Viele fordern eine Währungsreform. Was monetäre Souveränität bedeutet und wie sie in den Franc CFA-Staaten debattiert wird, erläutert Robin Frisch (Universität Bayreuth) in diesem Megatrends Afrika Spotlight.

Follow the link for the full article.

PhD Project: Decolonizing Humanitarianism. Race and Power in the humanitarian sector, by Darja Wolfmeier.

This project explores race inequalities and power relations in the humanitarian sector. There has been barely any academic work on the sociological and practical realities of racial inequalities in emergency aid. This project will offer one of the first historical sociology of racial inequalities of a leading humanitarian organization.

Follow this link to the full project summary.

Information to the opening events of the social sciences.

History: 25.04.2022, 11:00-12:00

Link to other study programs.

Courses in the summer semester 2022:

The coming summer semester will be teaching on campus. Please register now for the courses now on cmlife. 

Here you can find the annotated course overview.

Inaugural lecture from Prof. Dr. Joel Glasman and Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends

"Denken in Krisenzeiten"

When?: 27. April 2022, 19h   pm

Where?:  GW I, H26

Here you find the link for the invitation.

New Article by Dr. Jochen Lingelbach

In this short article the new book "On the Edges of Whiteness" is presented. During World War Two a large group of Polish refugees arrived after an extraordinary odyssey in the British colonies in East and Central Africa. How did the colonial administrators and settlers handle this heavy influx of poor whites? How did Africans view these destitute Europeans? And how did the refugees position themselves in the racist, hierarchical colonial societies?

Here you can find the article!

New Article by Prof. Joël Glasman

The myth of humanitarian action supported by data and scientific evidence has had its day – or so argues the author here, drawing on the history of the most widely known standards in the sector. He does not refute the essential role that science can and must play within it, provided it does within the framework of a permanent dialogue with the stakeholders and not on the basis of the exploitation of science.

Here you can find the article!

New article by Robin Frisch

This article offers a sensative reading of political oppositional cartoons in Togo in the early 90s, during the period of structural adjustment, which was accompanied by the swift reversal of democartizing trends and the restoration of authritarian rule.  

Here you can find the article!

New Article by Prof. Joël Glasman

It is about the principle of impartiality in the field of humanitarian aid. Therefore he talks about the history and change of impartiality from a fundermental principle of legitimacy from aid organisations to a rather mathematical and alogrithmic principle.

Here you can find the article!

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