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Winter term 2023/24

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​African History in the studies of historyHide

The courses of African History can be visited following the examination- and study regulation with the following study programmes:

African History within the Africa study programmes Hide

African History is part of the combination field: Africa in the world: History and religion (Afrika in der Welt: Geschichte und Religionen). This combination subject can be taken as part of the following BA programmes:African Culture and Society (Kultur und Gesellschaft Afrikas), Geographical Development Research of Africa (Geographische Entwicklungsforschung Afrikas), and Anthropology (Ethnologie). 

You can also attend African History Events as part of the BA African Culture and Society in combination with the BA Geographical Development Research of Africa or the BA African Languages, Literature and Art programmes.

In the BA programmes "Geographical Development Research of Africa" ​​or "African Languages, Literature and Art", you can also attend events in the history of Africa as part of the combination subject "African Culture and Society". 

See below for detailed information: 

​African History as part of other study coursesHide

Overall the programme of African History is aimed to anyone who is interested. Certain classes will also be accepted in the following study programmes: 

More information you can find in the examination- and study regulations. 

​African History as postgraduate studyHide

The chair of African History also offers a postgraduate study programme as an independent research or within the programme of BIGSAS, that is supported by the Excellence Initiative from German federation and state governments. 

Prof. Dr. Achim von Oppen is the principal investigator of BIGSAS, as well as the supervisor and mentor. Here you can find further information about the postgraduate project of the African History.  

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