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African History

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Former staff members

Dr. Margit PrussatHide


  • E-mail: margrit.prussat@uni-bayreuth.de
  • Dr. Margrit Prussat was a research assistant at DEVA, the project for digitalisation, electronic editing and data connection in the African Sciences. Since February 1st, 2012 she is employed at the University of Bamberg as an archivist.
Christiane Reichart-Burikukiye M.A.Hide
Christiane Reichart-Burikukiye


  • E-Mail: christianereichart@web.de
  • Christiane Reichart-Burikukiye M.A. has already been a teaching assistant at the chair of African History from April 1st, 2009 until August 30th, 2009. In the winter term 2013/14 and the summer term 2014 she filled the position of Katharina Zöller.


  • In the winter term 2013/14 she offered the following course: Ethnographische Texte als Quellen zur modernen Geschichte Ostafrikas
  • In the summer term 2014 Mrs. Reichart-Burikukiye offered the following seminar: Der Völkermord in Ruanda 1994


Katharina Zöller M.A.Hide
Katharina Zoeller


  • E-Mail: katharina.zoeller@uni-bayreuth.de
  • Katharina Zöller was employed as a teaching assistant at the chair of African History from October 2009 until February 2017.

Curriculum Vitae

Further informationen on Katharina Zöller (in German language)

Dissertation Project

Research Focus

  • Regional: East and Central Afrika
  • Topics: Social History of the 20th Century; Urbanisation, Migration and Mobility; Islam, Christianity and Politics

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