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Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African StudiesEinklappen

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Beyond Europe: Geschichte(n) der Zukunft im modernen AfrikaEinklappen

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Bridging East and Central AfricaEinklappen

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Cooperative Research on East African Territorial Integration within Globalisation (CREATING)Einklappen

Projektstart: 1. März 2008
Projektende: 30. April 2010

This is a collaborative project to establish research networks linking together scholars across eastern African with colleagues in Europe, carried out by one East African and seven European academic institutions. Project activities will concentrate on the capacity building of East African research, especially for young scholars from the region,  through information resources, training activities and pilot researches relating to issues of development within the context of improved social and regional cohesion, with a particular focus on montane and lacustrine regions of East Africa extending across national and other political boundaries.

Report on the Kigoma field training session

Nachlass Otto Friedrich RaumEinklappen

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Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Hans Joachim von Oppen

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